Davrian Demon

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Davrian Demon

Post by Jef » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:23 am

Hello everyone,

I have just acquired Bernard Porter's car, chassis number DD/7/006. This 1974 Mk7 was advertised recently on the New Register as the car shown at the Racing Car Show 1976 (see 'Davrian to Darrian') with 1380cc mini engine and disc brakes all round but needing considerable care and attention. My son and I travelled up from the South coast to the top of Norfolk to bring it home. It had been sat in the road outside Bernard's house for over 6 years and bashed by the corporation dust cart in the offside rear wing. So plenty to do, bodywork, engine, tyres etc.

We got it home without too much trouble and managed to slide it into a friendly workshop. The engine is running but all the fuel lines need replacing. The aim is to get an MoT even if the body and interior look rough so it doesn't just sit in the corner of my garage as a long term project. Fingers crossed.


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Re: Davrian Demon

Post by cheeser » Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:43 pm

Last week when in Jeff's area of Dorset, I managed to drop in and see Jeff and his 'new' Davrian.
Although looking in a tired state the car looks to be very sound with a lot of detail work having been done to the car to make it a very habitable road car.Bernard Porter was obviously very particular in what and how he did things to the car , with meticulous notes on what and how he had done things, also passing on various moulds to Jeff for some of the modified parts he had made. Bernard had got a radio working well and paid a lot of attention to making all ares of the car watertight including the under bonnet area and the boot.I also noticed a courtesy light for the boot!
The engine has been fired up, sounding very perky ( 643/ 544 type cam with 1.5 rockers and 45 DCOE) and the brakes are currently being worked on with new discs,lines etc being provided.
I sat in the car and found it a much tighter fit than my Mk8, I think the well padded seat shells and probably a relocated pedal box contributed to the 'snug fit' together with the sun roof and mechanism, although I'm sure it is likely to suit Jeff being shorter than me.
So very good luck to Jeff getting this very interesting car back on the road. It is very pleasing to know that there is another extremely rare A series engined Davrian in Dorset.


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Re: Davrian Demon

Post by Nugget » Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:07 am

Looks like a good project, interesting to note that there are 2 active Davrian owners in Dorset, there's me plus 2 more owners in the Bath(ish) area (I'm in Frome), we could almost cobble together a South West meeting if there is an appetite for it???

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Re: Davrian Demon

Post by andy1071 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:56 am

I was wandering around on the web and found this old post!
I used to own this car (1980ish to 1985ish) before Bernard (I traded it to Jonspeed for an Innocenti Cooper S, and I think Bernard got it from them).
I can maybe add a bit of history:
The car was shown at the 1974 Racing Car Show (A friend who owned a Mk5 saw it there). It was built by Tim Duffee for a customer. And I believe it was the first Mini-engined Davrian built.
It was used in period advertising for Davrian.
The original colour was Ford "Apple green" metallic, which I think was a perfect colour for it.
It was built with drum brakes all round, and had drum brakes during my ownership, so Bernard must have fitted the discs.
The rear wheels look like the orignal "Midland Metallic" alloys that were fitted.

E-mail me if you want more information.

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Re: Davrian Demon

Post by Dave6091 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:55 pm

I knew i had some pics of this car!, first two i took at the Santa pod meet in the early 80's. Young lady leaning on the first Dragon built is Vicki Evans who traveled over from wales with Adrian. Two pics of the mk7 in red were taken at Bernards house again years ago, Angela and i used to tour round east anglia in the Davrian and pop in for tea and a (long!) chat. Paint has faded a bit!!. I must have hundreds of Davrian photos i've taken over the last 40 years.
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Re: Davrian Demon

Post by andy1071 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:58 pm

Wow! I remember that meeting. -I think there was 5 or 6 Davrians there. The most I'd ever seen in one place....
(That's me in the first picture with the camera. -I used to have hair....! :D )
The pictures at Bernard's shows the indicators and side-lights I fitted (I thought round lights suited the car better than the Imp ones). I'm surprised to see Imp ones re-fitted...

I also fitted the rear-facing scoop on the engine cover -to clear the Weber I fitted. -The original single SU was mounted on an upside-down manifold, so it was "leaning back" (I'd originally cut the flange off the manifold and re-welded it on at a better angle, but it gave the manifold a sharper corner.
I also re-routed the exhaust when I fitted a long-centre-branch manifold.

I also have a confession...: I fitted the sunroof... -people did that sort of thing then... :oops:

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